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If you would like to participate in our next event, then find out more on how to get your team entered to race.

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Our county has many great, and affordable, places to stay while you are here, and also has many other activities to enjoy.

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Lake Hernando Dragon Boat Festival

We had a great race and festival on November 11 2017 and now look forward to making our next event on November 10 2018 even bigger and better. The event brought out 65 great teams participating in fun and competitive races, but also 50 Arts and Crafts vendors, 15 food vendors, live music, games for the kids and much more. This premier Dragon Boat Festival has become the hit of the Florida Dragon Boat community.

If you are from out of town, you will love the other attractions the county offers, such as swimming with the manatees, boating, snorkeling and diving in our fresh water springs, playing golf. etc., with many great accommodations to stay at, at low rates. See more Here.

If you would like to be part of our next event held November 10 2018, please Contact Us for more information. Or give us a call us at 352.201.6500

Watch the video to see what all the excitement is about!

If you would like to be involved in our next event, then get your team registered. Forming a dragon boat team is easy! Included in your team registration is a practice session where we will show you how to paddle and race. Practices sessions and race day include all of the necessary equipment such as a boat, paddles, life-vests, a drum and a steersperson/coach.  Find yourself either 10 or 20 co-workers, friends and/or family members to join you in this exciting event! Learn more about forming a team…

To learn more about the Festival or Dragon Boat Racing Click Here.


November 2018 Event Flyer

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November 2018 Business Flyer

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November 2018 Elks Flyer

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November 2018 School Flyer

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November 2018 Business Letter

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November 2017 Race Results

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Nov. 11 2017 Team Registrations

Teams Registered


Dragon Sisters BLUE – 10
Dragon Sisters RED – 10
Dragon Sisters WHITE – 10
Florida Tarpons Open – 10
Florida Tarpons Senior Mixed – 10
Hawthorne Dragonflies – 10
Lighthouse Dragons – 10
Mother Puffers – 10
SACA Men – 10
Silver Dragons – 10
Blackheart Premier – 20
Blackheart Senior C – 10
Florida Tarpons Women – 20
SACA Golden Dragons – 20
Silver Dragons – 20
Survivors in Sync – 20
TBR Chanters – 20
This Boat Rocks -20
Clermont Highlander Dragons – 20
Dragon Sisters – 20
Healing Dragons of Charlotte BCS- 10
Healing Dragons of Charlotte -10
Vogue Dragons – 20
Rogue Dragons – 10
Nature Coast PM – 10
Nature Coast SW – 10
Pink Dragon Ladies – 20
Ladies in CHARGE – 10
Invictus Paddling Club – 20
Heart and Soul PGW Mixed – 10
Heart and Soul PGW Women – 10
JDBC Flash – 20
Lady Mad Paddlers – 20
Charlotte Harbor Dragons – 10
Blue Dragons – 10
Wun Fun Cru – 10
JDBC Mammoglams – 10
JDBC Open – 10
JCBC Salt Water Slayers Women – 20
Southern Heat – 10
Southern Heat Women – 10


Secret City Mad Paddlers – 10
TBR D-Boat – 10
Withlacoochee Dragonflies -10
Nutty Navigators – 20
Suncoast Credit Union Dragons – 10
Hernando Hornets – 10
Vaughn McLaughlin Team of Raymond James – 10
I’m Just Slayin’…Dragons – 20
Captain Crakin and His Oars – 10
Cool Rowings 1 – 10
Cool Rowings 2 – 10
Tsubasa! – 10
Floral City Bullfrogs – 10
CCEA Union Strong – 10
Lowe’s 1853 – 10
Salt Run Flyers – 10
Paper Dragons – 10
Everblades – 10
CRE Pups – 20
Team HDG Hotels – 10
Citrus Cowboys – 10
RSSP Paddle Boat Team – 10
Seven Rivers Regional Sun Dragons – 10

Past Events

We want to thank everyone who participated in our our event on November 11, 2017. Without you, it wouldn’t have been the success that it was.

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